Saturday morning & my first blog post

Well it’s Saturday morning and after a little pep-talk from my friend Ally who has built her own blog, I’ve decided to put my frustrations around blog name, page layout, and brand to the side for now and just get writing and posting. If only I knew how to create UTM tags so I could get credit for all the page views she’s not going to get from my blog because no one’s going to read mine but my digital marketing hat is forever on. But… my Brand marketing hat is cringing that I’m putting something out there without a name, without a brand, a tone, a look, I could go on. I guess I just spent the past 12 months in a startup so just need to go back to my lean thinking and launch with a MVP. So, while I drink my morning coffee and wait for my phone to charge before going back to western Mass to visit my mom and chocolate lab, I figured I’d be productive and do something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m launching this MVP. It’s not even 8am yet and while I SO should’ve gone to the gym during this time after the Shake Shack I had last night, I’m going to get started or I never will.

I’m heading home for the first time in two months with the exception of a couple hour visit because I had a meeting at our office near home one day last month. I’m honestly just super excited to see my chocolate lab Calvin, although my kitten who lives with us in Boston (pictured above) is not amused with the idea she’ll be left alone for the day and night. Or is she? I don’t get cats. Supposedly being home alone is their jam. She’s kind of like a dog though, follows you everywhere even the bathroom, tries to eat your food, lays on you, sleeps on you; she can just do it out of nowhere silently so it’s like a dog but worse. I thought I was going to get a break from this behavior with a cat. But at least I can actually leave her alone without having to worry she’s going to destroy life as we know it like a dog most definitely would.

Well this was kind of dumb. But it was kind of fun. This is #blogging. First post complete. It’s now 8:15 so it’s time to get up and get ready so I can embark on my journey across the state and the drive I’m so not looking forward too especially because now it looks like it’s pouring. I’ll try to take some pictures and think about a blog name, brand, and tone of voice so we can do this again soon sometime.

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