First Weekly Recap Up of 2019: P.Volve, Planner Obsession & Puppy Mom Life

I can’t believer we’re already a week into January. It has been mild thus far in Boston so I cannot complain about that. An update on the blog… I have officially begun migrating my site from Wix to WordPress. While I really loved Wix and they made life so easy… I learned that you cannot change your site format once you publish. While I didn’t hate my site format on Wix, I also wasn’t married to it and wanted to elevate it. After finding out I couldn’t do that, I moved over to WordPress where I plan on purchasing an official domain and building a brand. Please bear with me as I make the migration and move all of my things from Wix over as it is a manual process. 
So.. weekly recap! First one of 2019 and first one on WordPress! It was a busy week getting back to the grind at work and back into a routine. It was also Malcolm’s first time being left alone for an extended period of time (in a crate – so no surprise destruction) so there was a lot going on! I was out sick of work today and am probably going to work from home tomorrow so I don’t infest the office with my germs 🤒 .
Soo.. P.Volve. I know I mentioned it in my first post of the year, but I’m going to mention it again. I’ve been doing a lot of P.Volve which has been awesome. I honestly just really love their workouts and enjoy doing them… which is CRAZY. I finished their 30 day evolution program which is the first time I have EVER finished a program so I’m really proud of myself for that. Currently, I’m on Day 5 of the 6 day challenge so when it comes to keeping me committed, P.Volve is definitely the first. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it is a streaming service so I can do the workouts at home in my pajamas or in baggy sweatpants if I feel like it. (Although I do feel VERY guilty that I have a gym literally just downstairs from my apartments that I pay a lot of money for that I’m not utilizing at the moment). 
I’m sure many of you have heard of Erin Condren planners and half of you probably own them. I discovered Erin Condren planners when I was 14 or 15 years old. At the time, I didn’t have a job or money so I had a very difficult time convincing my mom to buy me a $60 planner. It’s not that I forgot about Erin Condren, but I ended up purchasing different brands of planners over the year (Passion Planner, Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Start Planner). This year things have come full circle as I recently purchased my first Erin Condren planner for 2019. If you don’t know, I am an obsessive planner girl. I went to Catholic school and they used to make us live by our planners for homework assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc. We literally would have points taken off our homework if we didn’t have the assignments written in the planners.
 I’m not sure if that’s what instilled my lifelong need for planners or what but if I do not have a planner, I feel lost. I use my iCalendar a lot and live by my Outlook calendar at work but I still always need a paper planner. So I am very excited to be using Erin Condren this year! I’m loving the format of her planner as well as the fun fonts and quotes. Also the stickers are super fun! 
Speaking of P.Volve, I tried one of their recipes for their first time, Blueberry Crisp! You can find the recipe here . I was craving something sweet and this did the trick – and there are no added sugars at all! It also called for coconut flour instead of regular flour, which was my first time using it. I must say, I am now coconut flour’s biggest fan!
This past weekend I also took Malcolm home to play with my family dog and sister’s puppy. He had a blast and as a dog person, it was like a dream come true watching 3 dogs run around the house together.
Overall, training Malcolm has been pretty easy and fun… however from watching the cat he seems to think he can do everything she can do 🙄. He climbs on the arms of chairs, the window sills, and also jumps from the couch to the coffee table 😬. It’s kind of cute right now but my coffee table is glass… sooo… let’s hope he realizes he’s a dog soon!
As for entertainment I have been consuming (like.. HEAVILY). I have been listening to the Dirty John podcast religiously. I went through all 7 episodes in legit 3 days. I’m a total true crime junkie and this was such a good story. Has anyone listened to it? Also, I guess they’ve also turned it into a TV show?! Even better is Connie Britton stars in it and she is one of my all time favorites! I haven’t watched the show yet but I HIGHLY recommend the podcast if you haven’t listened to it yet. I accessed it via the Apple Podcast app.
Also, the first show I’ve ever been able to binge… You on Netflix. While I can easily follow tv shows and get into them, my definition of binge is much different than the rest of America’s. To me watching 2-3 episodes a day/night is binging. If I finish a season in a month, that’s a lot to me. However, You has turned me into a stereotypical American as I feel I can finally say I’ve binged a series. It is SO good and I highly recommend it as well.. there’s also some familiar faces in the cast.
Hoping everyone has a great week. Are you binging any good podcasts or shows right now?

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