The last weekend of summer

I know fall doesn’t technically start until later in September but I think 90% of the U.S. is aligned that Labor Day is what kicks it off. It truly blows my mind how quickly this summer went by and it seems like August just started but here we are with less than a week left until September. It even feels like fall in the air here in Massachusetts as it’s starting to get chilly outside and dark earlier.

While fall is definitely my favorite season and I’m looking forward to all that comes with it. I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the warm weather and sunshine whose days are limited. I also am unfortunately feeling sick so didn’t get to spend much time outside as I would’ve liked outside these past couple days. Friday night I started to feel a little under the weather and now it’s Sunday and I definitely have a head cold ready to kick in which is a bit of a bummer. So for the first time in possibly my whole life I’m eating pho in August.

One thing about summer for me is I always feel like I lose a lot of the routines I work so hard to build throughout the rest of the year. In the summer everyone’s always doing something and while working out and eating healthy is still very much enjoyable in the warmer months there’s something about summer that makes lounging by the pool and spicy watermelon margaritas a bit more appealing. Working in the city, I find it so easy to get caught up going to happy hour after work outside and then by the time you get home you really just want to eat and relax rather than go to the gym. This is definitely something I’m guilty of doing way more than I’d like to admit. When I read Rachel Hollis’s book, I was so impressed that she would still make herself go to the gym after a work event even if it was just for a brief 15 minute walk on the treadmill as she saw it as a promise she made to herself. This is definitely something I want to embody going forward.

The start of a new season is always a great jumping off point for new routines so I wanted to share some that I plan on doing this season.

1- Do more yoga. I always feel my best when I’m doing yoga consistently. I love yoga and I’m definitely going to write a post on my yoga journey as I used to think it was super boring and was never into it and then I became obsessed. However, since moving to Boston I’ve definitely fallen off the yoga bandwagon a bit. I just rejoined CorePower as a Black Tag member which means #unlimitedyoga and when I’m paying a premium for a membership like that it always forces me to go . So, hopefully this summer cold will make its departure so I can get myself back on my mat 🙂 Namaste! 🧘‍♀️

2- Fully commit to the F-Factor lifestyle. I discovered Tanya Zuckerburg’s F-Factor diet earlier this summer while looking for ways to lose weight without substantially changing my lifestyle. The F-Factor diet is an interesting one in that it’s more about what you need to be adding to your diet rather than getting rid of. The F is for Fiber which is often looked at as not very sexy but there are so many health benefits to Fiber. F-Factor is all about watching your net carb count which I’ve found to be relatively easy and it’s not a program you have to pay to be a part of. I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to eat the F-Factor way and I haven’t had to give that much up. Honestly, this summer I would just have my burgers without the bun and choose broccoli or cauliflower (MY FAVORITE) as a side rather than chips or fries. I’ve been trying to live a 75% F-Factor life but am hoping now with fall coming and less commitments to eating out I can go full in on Step 1 of the program. Also just an FYI – you can drink wine and these AMAAAAZING (and strong) Nedi Cucumber Martinis on F-Factor so you don’t have to be ordering seltzer at the bar and can keep your social life intact.

3-Long walks/just being outside with Malcolm and CJ. Fall is fun and the weather is beautiful in New England. But sometimes I get very sad in the fall because I know what’s next…. Winter 😭. We live in Marina Bay which is a beautiful walkable community close to many beaches and hiking trails. This fall I really want to prioritize going on long walks and enjoying the outside with CJ and our puppy Malcolm (who just turned 1 – check out his B-Day pics below – he wasn’t a HUGE fan of the hat) before the weather gets so cold that we’re holed up in the house for months.

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