Weekend Visit & A Cauliflower Pizza

Hi everyone. Happy LDW! I cannot believe that today is September 1st and Summer is unofficially making its exit. It has definitely felt like fall here in Boston and I caved and did a PSL today from La Colombe so between that and the sweater dresses that came in the mail from Banana Republic today, I’ve officially come to terms and accepted that Summer 2019 may be behind us.

I am very happy that its 5:30 on a Sunday and the Sunday scaries are nowhere to be found. Long weekends always come in so clutch and after being sick last week the extra time off is much needed and appreciated this week.

My high school best friend Ari came for a visit this weekend which was super fun as I haven’t seen or hung out with her in almost 2 years which is crazy! We were super close in high school and even in college but I’ve found adulting makes it relatively difficult to keep in close contact with people who aren’t physically around you. It 100% could be a me thing but it’s something I struggle with which I really hate because I love talking to all my friends and I feel like since I’ve graduated college I’ve lost a lot of friendships. While I haven’t actually lost the friendships I’ve just lost the closeness of seeing and talking to my friends every day so I was super excited to have someone I’ve known for so long (literally a decade which is CRAZY) come visit.

We grabbed a quick lunch and wine spritzer at Victory Point in Marina Bay at their outdoor bar with CJ before he had to go to work. Victory Point is a cute little spot on the marina with great food and drinks. After lunch we headed into Boston where we walked ALL OVER and got 14k steps in just sight seeing and also walking through a cute flea market.

You can’t have a friend visit without going out on the town! We went home to change and then headed to Reelhouse Marina Bay for food and drinks before heading back into the city. Reelhouse Marina Bay is so fun and the vibes and decor are beautiful. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots. We ended up just splitting apps and were SO full. We got the mezze plate which was SO good. They make tzatziki out of beets and the spicy whipped feta is BOMB. Also split the salmon crudo tacos which are ahhhh-mazing, the dumplings and the fave of the night – the cauliflower side. I think everyone is obsessed with cauliflower right now and this cauliflower is a must try. After dinner we headed to Lolita Fort Point. Lolita is probably the sexiest bar I’ve been to in Boston. The gothic decor and whole vibe of the place is hot and it’s a fun place to grab drinks and just chill with friends. I’ve never had their food but I hear it’s really good so I want to go back and try it during the day! We went to the outside bar which is right on the water and super nice. It was a nice night out so we were happy to spend time outside before outside bars aren’t an option anymore in the Northeast!

Eventually, we landed back in Marina Bay at the Waterclub where we danced our little hearts away which is my fave! Today we hung out and grabbed brunch before taking Malcolm on a walk and then heading back to Boston to get some more steps in – and hit the Glossier pop up in the Seaport.

I LOVE PIZZA. If I had to eat pizza every day for the rest of my life I’d be ecstatic. Unfortunately pizza isn’t the most healthy thing to eat…. it’s not the worst in moderation but it definitely shouldn’t be eaten every day. Lucky for me and for all of us cauliflower is basically taking over the world and there are cauliflower carb- subs for basically everything. After Ari left I wanted to whip up a easy, quick dinner that was also healthy and F-Factor approved. I’ve had a cauliflower crust in my freezer from Trader Joe’s in my freezer for a little bit so why not have one of my favorite foods that was just a bit healthier?

(Ignore my opened products took this while it was in the oven instead of during prep…oops!)

As mentioned I used the cauliflower crust from Trader Joes. This one has lower net carbs than the CauliPower crusts but I think I may like CauliPower a bit more. You cook each side of the frozen crust on 450 for 10-12 minutes each before adding your ingredients so getting the crust warmed up takes the longest amount of time. Once the crust was set, I tried to make a pizza with as many healthy subs as possible one could make on a pepperoni pizza.

I starting by putting a light coat of olive oil on the crust before adding the toppings. I used Full Circle Tomato Sauce which I got from Big Y (which they just closed in Quincy which makes me super sad 😔) and tried to just coat the whole crust without putting too much sauce on the pizza. I wanted to call out this sauce in case any one lives near a Big Y as it’s pretty healthy compared to other tomato sauces. On F-Factor, the preferred brand of jarred tomato sauce is Rao’s. While I’m a fan of Rao’s and do often use it, it’s a bit pricey so I thought I’d use this jar that I already had in my cabinet for the pizza. When I turned it around to look at the nutrition facts I was surprised at how it was relatively low cal (for 1/2 cup serving) and how the net carbs were only 6g per serving.

Over the sauce, I sprinkled some garlic powder… because who doesn’t like garlic powder?! While I’m not vegan (as you can probably already tell by the pepperoni), I did use Go Veggie Vegan mozzarella shredded cheese. I’ve always been a fan of this cheese as to me it really does taste just like regular cheese and cutting out dairy where possible never hurt anyone. I also added the Go Veggie Grated Parmesan which again tasted no differently than regular grated parmesan so no complaints here! I added Boars Head Turkey Pepperoni which is just a healthier alternative to regular pepperoni as turkey is a lean protein and then popped the pizza back in the oven for about five minutes. The crust directions said to put in the broiler for 5 minutes after adding the toppings but I’ve actually never used a broiler….LOL which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing? So I just popped it back in the oven.

Ultimately the pizza came out really good so I was happy with it! As I mentioned, the Trader Joes crust wasn’t as good as some of the other crusts I’ve used but it wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I will purchase again though. However, did want to share how easy it is to throw together a healthy pizza for dinner! I actually ended up eating 3 slices (oops) 🙊 but felt way less guilty than if I ate 3 slices of regular pizza. Sometimes when I overeat regular pizza I feel bloated and just gross afterwards but subbing ingredients for healthy alternatives got me a pizza that tasted like a pizza but didn’t leave me feeling icky afterwards which I’d call a win!

How do you keep in touch with friends that live far with you while balancing everything else adult life throws at you every day?

Do you sometimes struggle with keeping close friendships as close so many years out of school?

What are some of your favorite cauliflower-subbed recipes?

Does anyone else love pizza as much as me?

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