Why hello

Why hello and happy Sunday! It’s only a happy Sunday because I’ve taken tomorrow off as a me day. We’ve been hosting CJ’s little brother all week and his grandparents this weekend so I wanted to take a day to reset the house and do errands so I wouldn’t be stressed about it today.

It’s always fun when CJ’s grandparents are here and last night we had an amazing dinner in the North End at Casarecce. I unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) do not go to the North End enough so I was excited to go and try a different place as CJ and I have only ever been to the same place “Al Dente.”

Casarecce was amazing and the interior was similar to Al Dente in that it was small and cozy but the decor was much more elevated and polished. I got the butternut ravioli and it was divine on a cold February night.

As always, I’ve been busy and not prioritizing blogging… in fact I went to go see if I had a photo for this post and I haven’t taken one that could be used in quite some time. I’m going to try to be more consistent again.

Today, I’m planning to spend some time with CJ’s grandmother as he, his brother, and grandfather go do some things. Then later hoping to get to the gym and a 6:00 yoga class.

I was going to CorePower religiously but it was actually stressing me out because I’d get home so late from work every day – sure I had worked out and was feeling great but I wouldn’t get back to Quincy until 7, have to wait for my buildings shuttle which took forever at that time and would be walking in the house any time between 7:30 and 8. It was just a lot so I froze my membership for the month of February. I’m going to freeze it again in March and try to use the gym in my building that I’m paying for in my rent. I’m thinking maybe in April I’ll re-up it because I truly love yoga and CorePower and it’s a workout that makes me happy but I’m going to try and get in the habit of going to my gym and hitting the occasional yoga class at the studio down the street 1-2x a week (which is still cheaper than the monthly unlimited).

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