I’m really bad at writing intro copy and I can’t justify hiring a copywriter for a personal blog that currently has no following so here’s my best attempt.

I’m a young professional who just moved to Boston with my boyfriend and our kitten (although I think since she hit the 6 month mark, we can now call her a cat). I’m originally from western Massachusetts (aka the really boring part of this state) and spent my whole life there until I went to college in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I LOVED Fairfield and southern Connecticut so much that I really didn’t want to leave and having met my boyfriend there I didn’t think I’d have to leave but my company relocated so here we are taking on a new adventure in Boston. And I’m so glad that he wanted to come with me. We like Boston; although we haven’t really explored it yet as we moved a couple times once we got up here (I’m high maintenance) and are just starting to feel settled so I’m thinking a lot of my content naturally will be Boston based (and always looking for Boston based suggestions if anyone has any!!)

I work in Marketing, currently doing Brand Advertising but I’m also in a leadership development rotational program so I’ve done B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Marketing, and even Strategic Business Development over the past 3 years so it’s easier to just say marketing. But I’m REALLY loving Advertising.

I’m kinda new to this blogging thing. Let’s just say I’ve tried this before (multiple times). If anyone decides to actually start following this blog, understand I’m TRYING. I’m going to try to post consistently and ramp back up my Instagram and social media game that died when I started spending 40+ hours a week in Microsoft Outlook but I’m hoping this time I’m back and I’m better. This is what I do for a living.